LGAs, BGAs, and PGAs

LGA, BGA, PGA Chip Scale Packages

LGAs, BGAs, and PGAs are designed in ceramic multilayer package on cavity up and cavity down configurations. Traditional pin count package designs are supported in small and high pin configurations.

HTCC materials are available. Please refer to the material properties for more details.

Products can be ordered in small or large lots as needed.
We also offer optimal designs and standard products to customer needs.

LGAs, BGAs, and PGAs features include:
• Excellent electrical performance in a wide range of package sizes
• Small through hole mounting package with rugged construction
• High I/O signal carrying capacity
• Hermetically encapsulated packages offering enhanced thermal dissipation
• EIAJ or JEDEC configurations

Applications Notes

• NTK Manufacturing is ISO9000 Certified