At NTK Technologies, we build robust packages for complex applications. However, our innovation helps to advance many of the technologies and products that improve people's lives. Computers, optical communication, wireless networks, medical devices, automotive, space and aeronautics -- many of the applications in these markets would not be possible without the technology that NTK provides. Whether it's IC packaging, peizoelectronics, ceramic filters, fine ceramics, or ceramic cutting tools, NTK is there providing these vital components that make it possible for the technologies that we use everyday to exist. NTK began with a superior expertise in ceramics. We are a part of NGK Spark Plugs, Co. LTD. ( which was founded in 1936. NGK Spark Plugs is a leader in the automotive industry with its advanced knowledge of technical ceramics. Through the years, our commitment to excellence evolved into an ambitious research and development program. NGK Spark Plugs' growing expertise in ceramic technology spawned the creation of NTK Technical Ceramics. In 1967, NTK Technical Ceramics embarked on the manufacturing of ceramic IC packages. From this endeavor, we have applied our technical expertise to expand into numerous industries including computers, communication, medical, avionics, and military applications. As a result we now specialize in more than just ceramics and have added various materials to our product offering, including organic substrates. Now known as NTK Technologies, we continue to add value to the market by developing industry-leading components for an endless amount of high-tech applications. Along with NGK Spark Plugs, Co. LTD, NTK is recognized all over the world as a premium brand. Our world headquarters is found near Nagoya, Japan ( We have sales offices and production facilities in six continents around the world. In the United States, we have seven sales offices with our head office and design center located in the Silicon Valley. NTK is an ISO9002/14001 (link to copy of the certificates) certified company. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest products and service possible. As the technologies in our lives continue to advance, NTK will be there providing the support necessary to achieve the visions of tomorrow.